Reflecting on School Year 2017-2018 Things I did well this year:I managed my FCCLA chapter well with growth and more activities.I managed my absences well for FCCLA - left meaningful work for classes to complete.In April and May I started water aerobics again. Keep it up - it makes a difference!In April & May, I took my supplements and had much more energy when I took them.Having a puzzle out all spring semester. Led to some great conversations between students while working. Gave them some much-needed stress relief. Helps with spatial learning and social-emotional learning. Things to improve for next year: Google ClassroomAdd Google Classroom training for my students at the beginning of the year.Accept all work only through Classroom. Never via sharing. (unless it's a collage or something we are doing as "arts & crafts")Grading with Doctopus, Goobric, etc. within Classroom.Daily announcement for bellringer, objectives, etc. and the bellringer will be completed …